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the serf-owners ruth▓lessly exploited the serfs. 銆€銆€Tibetan people perform to mark the first Serfs Emancipation Day at Tianjin Square in Qamdo, southwest China's ▓Tibet Auton

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omous Region, March 28, 2009. (Xinhua/He Junchan▓g)銆€銆€There were three major monasteries -- Gaindan, Sera, T▓

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ashilhunpo in old Tibet, Liu added. The th▓ree amassed a fortune that included 321 manors, 147,000 mu(24,500 ac

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d three▓ major feudal manors: Pala, Khesum and Lagyari. The ▓Pala Manor in Gyangze Prefecture belonged to the

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big noble family the Palas. As a seni▓or official under the Dalai Lama, Pala owne▓d 40 manors and pastures as we

  • ll as 9, 000 mu (1,500 a▓cres) of farmland. This family, with only 12 members, possessed 15,000 heads of cattle and 2,500 serfs, 100 of ▓whom, Nangsans (household slaves). 銆€銆€The Khesum Manor was owned by another powerful noble -- Wangchen Gelek, who also had dozens of manors. It covered ▓an area of 1,200 mu (240 acres), with 400

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  • serfs and 100 Na▓ngsans. 銆€銆€Tibetan people in traditional dress celebrate the first Serfs Emancipation Day at home in Qamdo, southwest China's Tibet Aut▓onomous Region, March 28, 2009. (Xinhua/He Junchang)銆€銆€The former housekeeper of the Lagyari Manor, who is now in his 80s, admitted he was once awarded 50 serfs for dunning

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  • rents on the master's behalf. 銆€銆€Liu said, at the time of democratic reform in 1959, 2.8 million mu (461,285 acres) of land and large quantities of daily necessities were distributed to th▓e former serfs of more than 800,000. 銆€銆€Under the policy of land redemption and confiscation during the democratic reform, some serf-▓own

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